What is Overspray?

Overspray is an environmental contaminant that is carried by the wind from a work site. The mildest of wind changes can cause an overspray incident.

Facts about Overspray Contaminants: 
  • Are carried by the wind from various residential, commercial and industrial construction sites.
  • Painting contractors are not able to prevent overspray 100%.
  • More than 1000 vehicles in the United States are affected by overspray every day.
  • Automobiles, boats, airplanes and structures can be contaminated by overspray.
  • Overspray is not always visible but can be detectable by a sandpaper-like feel on vehicle.
  • Overspray can travel up to 2 miles from origination point.
Has your vehicle been over-sprayed?

If your car has been over-sprayed you are not alone. It is estimated that more than
1000 autos are affected by overspray every day.

I have an overspray claim. What should I do?

The first thing you need to do when your vehicle has been over-sprayed is to try to determine who is responsible. Sometimes you can retrace your steps to identify the construction site where your vehicle may have received the overspray. When the likely party is identified, notify the construction/painting foreman of your overspray claim.


The cost of overspray paint removal varies, depending on the extent of damage and the claim.

We charge far less per vehicle than any other company. If you have a multi-car claim, we give a discount as follows: (If you have 10 vehicles or less,) our price to repair them is $500 per vehicle. After the 10th vehicle, the price goes down to $400 a vehicle. After 30 vehicles, the price is then $350. If you would rather be charged a flat rate, we can easily beat any other major competitor's price. Since we are an onsite company, our prices are derived from traveling expenses.

Unless you have very few vehicles, location is never a factor.

For questions about our overspray removal process or to talk directly with an overspray removal specialist, give us a call: 407-219-6111 or send us an e-mail: NANOSTEAMUSA@GMAIL.COM